Large textile

Be aware! This is a self-service laundromat.

Duvets, pillows, sleeping bags and other large textiles. You want to get it hygienically clean, but how were you doing these things? Your washing machine is too small for your duvet and dry cleaning charges high costs for cleaning.

The Wash Point has washing machines up to 13 kg and fits your large textile easily. Within half an hour you will be fresh and clean again.

Most duvets and pillows can also be put in the dryer. Add 3 tennis balls in the tumble dryer with your textile, this keeps the filling airy.

How often you should wash your large textiles is shown in the right diagram.

Which things are suitable?

Duvet 1 & 2 personsEvery 3 months
PillowEvery 3 months
Throw PillowEvery 6 months
Sleeping bagEvery 3 months
CurtainsEvery 6 months
VitrageEvery 6 months
SportswearAfter each use
Other textile in large quantitiesAfter each use