1. Fill the washing machine of your choice. (No’s 1 to 8)
  2. Close the door (rotary knob) until you hear a click.
  3. Select the program by pressing the temperature button.
  4. Go to the POS terminal.
  5. Pay enough for washing and possibly soap/fabric softener.
  6. Now press the number of the washing machine that you are using. (No’s 1 to 8)
  7. If desired, then press 11 for washing powder. Press number 13 for liquid soap. Press number 12 for fabric softener.
  8. Press number 24 to get the rest of your money back!
  9. Now go to the washing machine, put the washing powder for 1/3 in bowl I (front left) and front right 2/3 in bowl II on the washing machine. The liquid soap goes into the tray (rear right) and the fabric softener goes into the dish (left behind) on the machine.
  10. Press start to activate the machine.


  1. Fill the dryer of your choice. (No’s 14 to 18)
  2. Close the door of the dryer.
  3. Press the temperature of your choice (high-medium-low).
  4. Go to the POS terminal.
  5. Pay sufficient to dry.
  6. Press the number of your dryer, € 0.50 is deducted and 6 minutes of time credited on the dryer.
  7. Repeat until there is sufficient time on your dryer, press on number 24 to get the rest of your money back.
  8. Now go to the dryer and press start.

You cannot pay with notes of €50 or more, and not with coins of 1, 2 or 5 cents: So only with coins of €0.10; €0.20; €0.50 and €1,= and €2,=. And only with €5 bills; €10 and €20.

You will not receive more change than €18.00, and only after paying for a machine.